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♪█▓▒Will and Grace PHOTOS!▒▓█♪

11/1/09 11:05 pm - queequegs - 34 MULTIFANDOM SLOGAN ICONS

+ 17 Will & Grace
+ 15 Star Trek
+ 3 Relient K

More HERE @ nidoqueens

3/1/09 05:34 pm - susan_27 - Will & Grace icons

   More hereCollapse )

10/16/06 06:33 pm - final__desire



+a bunch of banners
++join my community [;

10/2/06 06:49 pm - capthat - Megan Mullally Show screencaps

Screencaps from the Megan Mullally Show

((Get them here))

Or just have a look at CapThat Screencaps - the screencap site.

9/29/06 10:33 am - my_fool_took

Hi all :) New here.
Sorry if this isn't allowed, and feel free to delete this post, but I'm desperately searching for a cap from the season four episode 'Crouching father, hidden husband'. It's when Jack smiles at Grace after she asks him if he wants to 'dance with a girl?'

Much obliged! :)

7/25/06 11:32 pm - final__desire


and literally, a crapload of debra banners


--this is a members only community but the post will stay public for 2 day
--join the community if you got a minute :)

6/23/06 08:39 pm - indie_mixedtape - Screencaps to episode 22

Does anyone have the screencaps to the episode were Jack and Rosario get married?
Thanks for your help if you find them.

6/20/06 03:51 pm - indie_mixedtape - Icons

I made Ten icons.
Please credit me if you are taking.

Teasers: 1. 2.
Over hereCollapse )

6/19/06 10:36 pm - indie_mixedtape

I found some audio clips from past episodes. I just thought you guys might like to hear them.

5/22/06 12:06 am - angel_1stdegree - Icons

Hello I am Hannah, my nickname is Spiderman( I tell you this because I like it better than my name, call me either one)I have 7 icons, they all are animated. I will make more. I used my bases, got the pictures for the offical site. Comment if taking and credit. Enjoy-Spiderman.

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rest are here under cut
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