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willplusgrace's Journal

♪█▓▒Will and Grace PHOTOS!▒▓█♪
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Megan Mullally is Better in Colour!

Just starting off with a new community, please join and start posting!

Rules are the same as any community.

  • Be respectful of everyone who posts, in short, try not to be too mean.

  • Post whatever you would like to know about the show, and share with others!

  • If you have a question with anything, e-mail the maintainer cuerpo_caliente .

Thanks a ton!

I have now changed this into a PICTURE sharing community. It seems to clash too much with the community willandgrace which I love to death. So since I have no life and spend most of it looking for pictures of the cast and screencapping episodes, this community will be to share them! Enjoy!